Matt, or "matthewtjstar" (his Minecraft username) is known to be the older brother between the two. He usually wears a beanie during Vlogs, and has a pair of ear rings. He also has a snake tattoo on his chest. Matt has the somewhat deeper voice between he and his brother. He "voices" Blacksmith O'Reilly and Cassidy O'Reillly.

Steve, or "StevenStar" (his Minecraft username) is the younger brother. He provied comic relief in the videos with his sense. During Vlogs, he sometimes "wiggles" his eyebrows. Steve (in The Daylight Owl) was found to be wearing Golden Pants most of the time, and then they became Golden Shorts, and then were lost completly after the "The Battle for the Iron Valley". He voices Willow Ranger with his over the top, loud voice.

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