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The Daylight Owl is a minecraft adventure series made by Sterile Studios.

The story begins with "The Two" a.k.a Matt and Steve finding an abandoned town in a desert after breaking bedrock in a previous video and being killed by a mysterious mob called the The Daylight Owl, then finding a creepy temple on a hill with the message "The Daylight Owl watches." The brothers end up stepping on a pressure plate and blowing themselves sky high. Steve then re-spawns in an obsidian prison in the Nether and Matt must go and save him. The Two then face many challenges in the Nether and Matt, after being killed, meets Blacksmith O'Reilley who turns out to be a "Slayer." He then destroys the Daylight owl using an "Arrow of Notch". he then travels into the Nether to find his lost daughter Cassidy O'Reilley. he leaves the two to defend the world from The Daylight Owl (who isn't dead, just dormant). the two travell all over minecraft and eventually reach The iron valley the home of The Dwarves. "The battle of the Iron Valley" takes place shortly after the arrive and the "Necromancer" succesfully summons The daylight owl (character). Steve must then travel with Willow Ranger and save Matt from a group of vampires that are holding him captive. then after a trip to gather supplies have to fight off ghasts and find that Willow Ranger and "blacksmith o'reilly" have dissapeared. The climb up a hill and meet Cassidy, who refuses to follow them because they are not with blacksmith. They decide to move and head towards Riverview Plains where something attacks them. Steve disappears and Matt is attacked by vampires. Matt escapes but is captured by dwarves who are actually evil. The orcs attack and free Matt but are killed by the dwarves. Matt swears revenge and realises the dwarves kidnapped Steve. He heads for the Great Tree but is met with a dwarf General. The general is killed after a long fight and Matt meets up with Willow and Blacksmith with Cassidy. Matt and crew are attacked by goblins under the orders of the dwarfs and although they fight bravely, they are captured. They break out and slay every goblin but are surrounded by dwarves. Luckily, the Orc Queen and a large amount of Orcs attack. The dwarfs fight a hard battle and although completely outmatched, kills the queen and defeat the Orcs. Matt abandons Willow and Blacksmith, while Cassidy follows Matt. They are faced by Gnork, who reveals he kidnapped Steve. Cassidy and Matt fight against Gnork and seem to have the upper hand with Matt's sword skill and Cassidy's healing. However, Gnork uses magic to trap Cassidy and fights Matt again. Matt is still winning and Gnork hastily transports Matt to the Nether temple. Matt is angered and heads in, where the Netherhpunds welcome him into their army. The Necromancer also accepts Matt but wants to test him first. Matt seemingly defeats the Necromancer but is revealed to be merely a clone and the real Necromancer attacks Matt and wins. However, the Necromancer is impressed and accepts Matt. However, Stoneskin breaks into the cavern and kill several demons and a summons a unicorn to kill the Netherhounds. The unicorn is attacked by Matt while the Necromancer fights Stoneskin. The necromancer wins by turning stoneskin into wood. Matt defeats the unicorn but Centaurs charge in. Matt fights the leader and wins but the Centaurs are defeating the demons. At that moment, the possesses Blacksmith and Willow attack. With Blacksmith meleeing and Willow shooting, Matt is defeated. The Necromancer escapes and the Dwarf King orders them to destroy the cavern.

Matt manages to survive and escapes. He joins the forces to take down the Great Tree and fights alongside the Orcs and against powerful elves. The Orcs are triumphant as the elves can only shoot arrows. As the Orcs surge through the wall, Matt joins the demons and the one remaining Netherhound against the Centaurs and soldiers. The demons are at first overwhelmed but with Matt and the NetherHound's help, they start winning. A large number of zombies appear and defeats the humans while the demons slay the Centaurs. Matt heads for the Great Tree but is forced to retreat as the Dwarves have ballista. The zombies and Orcs charge but are defeated and Matt attacks again with 2 ghast queen. Although they both die, the ghasts destroy the ballista and the remaining Orcs and demons attack the walls, causing the dwarfs to retreat.

The Dwarf King immediately kills the retreating dwarf for cowardice and then retreats cowardly,leaving the others to die. Matt fins Blacksmith and Willow again and they fight. Matt loses and Gnork orders them to kill him. They seemingly kil him. However, he survives and attacks Blacksmith and Willow and they lose and run up the tree. Gnork, with Steve and Cassidy captive attacks Matt but is defeated. He uses his magic to paralyze Matt and knock him down. Just as he is about to kill Matt, The NetherHound attacks him. Gnork heartlessly kills the poor animal and Matt kills Gnork, freeing Cassidy and Steven. However, Cassidy dies right after. The Dwarf king attacks them and his army overwhelms the Orcs and every remaining soldier, Elf, Centaur and dwarf charge and destroy the demons.

Matt and Steve have no choice  but to surrender. The spirit of the Daylight Owl is destroyed once and for all. However, the Necromancer reppears and tosses the Great Elf off, killing the elf immediately. The Dwarf King then kills the Necromancer. Willow and Blacksmith breaks free of possession and attack, killing off every Elf and Centaur but are captured. The Dwarf King orders them to be killed and as a last ditch effort, Blacksmith eats TNT and kills off anyone near him. Matt and Steve break free and attack the Dwarf King. The dwarves and soldiers attack but Matt and Steve kill all of them. They fight a battle up the tree, where the daylight owl turned into a giant demon, and and throws Steve off to his doom. Matt attacks but is thrown off to his death too.

They re-awaken in a perfect world after the war and vow to burn it all down.

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